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Basics of Trading

Trading cryptos is simple. You buy one of many existing Cryptocurrencies that are offered by the exchanges. There are a number of exchanges that exist in the US and in other parts of the world. Before you think about where you want to open an account, here is what you need to consider.

The first thing is that you need to open an account. If you prefer, you can open an account in a location that is not going to impose a tax liability on you in any jurisdiction. So this deserves some study. This study material is not going to give you tax advice, but you should know that there are jurisdictions that will consider profits from Bitcoin trading to be taxable. If you look at it as a currency, and that it is not legal sovereign tender, then it is tempting to think that it is not taxable. This is wrong. Most tax jurisdictions do not differentiate the underlying asset when accounting for profit.




There are more than a hundred exchanges that you can get on to be able to trade the currencies that we talk about in this topic. We will stick to one hundred, and you can look at each one of them to see which ones you would like to pick. You should have at least 10 exchanges in your basket, and you should use the ones that allow you to keep your coins wherever you please and transfer to them only when your trades are open, find an exchange that is quick with withdrawals and an exchange that executes rapidly without the need for brokers. Brokers work against your interests because they cost more and they are unable to execute rapid trades. Here is a list of exchanges that you can evaluate:

1 Abucoins



4 AidosMarket

5 alcurEX

6 Allcoin

7 Altcoin Trader

8 Bancor Network

9 BarterDEX


11 Bibox

12 BigONE

13 Binance

14 Bisq

15 Bit-Z

16 Bit2C

17 Bitbank

18 BitBay

19 Bitcoin Indonesia

20 BitcoinToYou

21 BitcoinTrade

22 Bitex

23 Bitfinex

24 BitFlip

25 bitFlyer

26 Bithumb

27 Bitinka

28 BitKonan

29 Bitlish

30 BitMarket

31 Bitmaszyna

32 Bitonic

33 Bits Blockchain

34 Bitsane

35 BitShares Asset Exchange

36 Bitso

37 Bitstamp

38 Bitstamp (Ripple Gateway)

39 Bittrex

40 Bittylicious

41 BL3P

42 Bleutrade

43 Braziliex

44 BTC Markets

45 BTC Trade UA

46 BTC-Alpha


48 BtcTrade

49 BTCTurk

50 Burst Asset Exchange

51 BX Thailand

52 C-CEX

53 C-Patex

54 C2CX

55 CEX

56 ChaoEX

57 Cobinhood

58 Coinbe

59 Coinbene

60 CoinCorner

61 CoinEgg

62 CoinEx

63 CoinExchange

64 CoinFalcon

65 Coinfloor

66 Coingi

67 Coinhouse

68 Coinlink

69 CoinMate

70 Coinnest

71 Coinone

72 Coinrail

73 Coinrate

74 Coinroom

75 CoinsBank

76 Coinsecure

77 Coinsquare

78 Coinut


80 Counterparty DEX

81 CryptoBridge

82 CryptoDerivatives

83 CryptoMarket

84 Cryptomate

85 Cryptopia

86 Cryptox

87 DC-Ex


89 Dgtmarket

90 DSX

91 ETHEXIndia

92 ExcambrioRex

93 Exchange

94 Exmo

95 Exrates

96 EXX

97 ezBtc

98 Fargobase

99 Fatbtc

100 Foxbit

101 FreiExchange

102 Gate

103 Gatecoin

104 Gatehub

105 GDAX

106 Gemini

107 GetBTC

108 GuldenTrader

109 Heat Wallet

110 HitBTC

111 Huobi

112 IDAX

113 IDEX

114 Independent Reserve

115 InfinityCoin Exchange

116 Iquant

117 ISX

118 itBit

119 Koineks

120 Koinex

121 Koinim

122 Korbit

123 Kraken

124 Kucoin

125 Kuna

126 LakeBTC

127 Lbank

128 LEOxChange

129 Liqui

130 LiteBit

131 Livecoin

132 LocalTrade

133 Luno

134 Lykke Exchange

135 Mercado Bitcoin

136 Mercatox

137 Mr

138 Negocie Coins

139 Neraex

140 NIX-E

141 Nocks

142 OasisDEX

143 OEX

144 OKCoin

145 OkCoin Intl

146 OKEx

147 Omni DEX

148 OpenLedger DEX

149 Ore

150 Paribu

151 Paymium

152 Poloniex

153 QBTC

154 Qryptos

155 QuadrigaCX

156 Quoine

157 Radar Relay

158 Rfinex

159 RightBTC

160 Rippex

161 Ripple China

162 RippleFox

163 Simex

164 SouthXchange

165 Stellar Decentralized Exchange

166 Stronghold

167 SurBTC

168 TCC Exchange

169 TDAX

170 The Rock Trading

171 Tidebit

172 Tidex

173 Token Store


175 Trade By Trade

176 Trade Satoshi

177  TradeOgre

178 Tripe Dice Exchange

179 Tux Exchange

180 Upbit

181 Vebitcoin

182 VirtacoinWorld

183 Waves Decentralized Exchange

184 WEX

185 xBTCe

186 YoBit

187 Zaif

188 ZB

189 Zebpay


** Please note that these sites have not been vetted, and as such you need to do your own due diligence before using their services.


If you want to trade cryptos actively, it is not a difficult process once you get your fundamental study and technical study internalized. There are few, if any, regulations on it that you need to abide by, and as long as you do not engage in fraud or theft, and you conduct yourself equitably, you won’t need to keep looking over your shoulder.

Remember that cryptos are not physical assets like shares of companies, or fiat currencies that have the legal sovereign banking system – and then further substantiated by other countries, and by the world’s banking institutions. Currencies have that, cryptos don’t. So that is the first risk that you need to keep way back in your mind. What’s the worst that can happen to cryptos? They could be outlawed around the world. The chance of that happening is low, but nonetheless it exists. In our case, that is a good thing because it adds to the push and pull of the market, creating opportunities to buy and sell. It is also one of the reasons you should not keep an open position overnight.

More importantly, unlike shares and currency, they are not physical assets that can be held and kept – cryptos are not physical in any form. These are conceptual assets, and as we advance as a society we will see that cryptos will end up being the most efficient currency in use. Imagine a time when we eventually reach space and have colonies – cryptos would be an ideal way to facilitate commerce.

The first thing you need to know is that the crypto market is not centrally regulated. That means there are no rules yet on what you can and can’t do, but there are limitations as to what is acceptable in the marketplace. You can trade manually, you can use program trading, and you can even use artificial intelligence.

There are no rules, and that makes it a very lucrative opportunity if you do three things. The first is make sure you understand the basics. Second, start small – the minimum trading size for a few exchanges is 0.001 BTC. You need to get the feel for how things happen, and that gets your confidence and experience up. The third is that you do not stop at plain vanilla trades. If you just want to get into it and trade one or two times a day with plain vanilla trades, then this is not something that you will succeed at in the way that you imagine. Bottom line: start small and crank it up.


Bitcoin is not the only crypto out there that you can trade. And the USD is not the only fiat that you can trade that against. There are over 1000 cryptos in the market today and over 100 fiats that are worth trading. However, mastering all those pairings creates a nightmare. You should focus on just a few. The US Dollar, the Japanese Yen, and the Euro are your best fiats to be traded against cryptos. Among the cryptos, aside from Bitcoin, which is the obvious trading opportunity, there are eight alternatives you can choose from as follows: Ethereum, Litecoin, NEM, Dash, Ripple, Ethereum Classic, Monero, and Zcash

That gives you more than 50 possible trading pairs – USD v BTC, USD v ETH, USD v NEM, and so on. It may seem like a wide field to choose from, but let me tell you that, as a beginner, it is indeed too many. As a manual trader, it will be completely overwhelming for you to understand, track, and execute the entry and exits of each pair.

To effectively choose the pairing, you need to be intimately familiar with the nature of the individual currency and the nature of their pairing. To do this you need to observe and understand the critical factors of tradability and liquidity

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