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Trade Forex, the most traded market in the world,

Forex market is the most volatile market in the world. Trading in Forex required a fine knowledge and experience to cover all factors affect the currency movements through both technical and fundamental analysis. We as a team work as a support system to give highest pips of profit with our Forex signals.

Technical analysis is done using various indicators. Signals generated by our currency analyst team and forwarded to you by your assigned relationship manager. Key benefit of Forex trading.

  • It’s a Large and Global Market
  • It’s Good for Beginners
  • You Can Trade 24 Hours a Day
  • There Are Low Transaction Costs
  • You Can Benefit From Leverage
  • It’s a Market With High Liquidity
  • High Volatility of the Forex Market
  • You Can Buy or Sell Currency Pairs Depending on the Market
  • There’s Good Technology for Trading
  • It’s Well Regulated
Forex Day Forex Swing Forex Professional
Weekly Signals 8-12 5-8 5-6
Per Trade Reward in Pips 25-30 50-70 80-120
Per Trade Risk in Pips 20-25 30-35 40-50
Position open at a time 2-3 2 2
Regular Follow up Yes Yes Yes
World Market Update Yes Yes Yes
Daily News Letter No Yes Yes
Weekly Analysis No Yes Yes
Monthly Analysis Report No No Yes
Direction from Expert No Yes Yes
One on one to Expert No Yes Yes
Direct line to Expert No No Yes
Trend Surfing No No Yes
Overnight Holding No Yes Yes
Monthly Access Fee $299 Pay Now Nil Nil
Quarterly Access Fee $499 Pay Now $999 Pay Now $1499 Pay Now
Half Yearly Access Fee $899 Pay Now $1699 Pay Now $2499 Pay Now

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